movie automator plus : The wordpress movie automation plugin/script only $10

movie automator plus : The wordpress movie automation plugin/script only $10

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Movie Automator was a wordpress plugin/script originally launched around 2009. The script was very popular in the era of the online movie boom. Marketers were able to import up to and even more than a million IMDB movies within a short period of time. With clever marketing ads and affiliate ads (Netflix, Hulu, etc) they were able to capitalize on web searches for popular content. The SEO value alone that this plugin gives you is beyond the comprehension of the average webmaster so I will summarize it for you. This script was abandoned by it’s original creator and has been picked up by us. We offer lifetime updates on this script.

Import hundreds of thousands of movies (poster, storyline and trailer) with just a few clicks.
Gain traffic from the search engines for your trailers and for your movie posters.
Easy implementation. Takes less than 5 minutes to install.
Requires no modification.
Lifetime upgrades.
Post every 1,5,10,15,30,60 minutes or for once per day.
Keep your wordpress site at the top of the search engines with content that millions search for daily.
Add another element of entertainment to your website.
Capitalize with affiliate marketing using this plugin (Netflix,hulu,hbo pay about $16 per sign up.

Demo of admin interface:

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