Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2017 – Starbox, the Author Bio Box – Show Them Who You Are – E26

Must Have WordPress Plugins in 2017 – Starbox, the Author Bio Box – Show Them Who You Are – E26

Looking for must have wordpress plugins in 2017? You’re in luck. On the GetGrowth Channel on Youtube we show you amazing plugins. Today, I’m showing you Starbox – the Author Box for Humans.

Starbox helps you present yourself and your authors to your audience. Show them who you are and earn their trust.

This is the most popular, most rated and most downloaded WordPress Plugin in 2017 for creating an author box for each author on your website.

Yes, I obviously wanted to present the best plugin in the category, but what really caught my eye was the designs available in this plugin.

They allow you to customize these boxes and choose how each author gets displayed on your site.

Beauty is the number one keyword when it comes to this plugin, and it seems that this is the aspect they’ve focused on the most while creating it.

When bloggers write about must have wordpress plugins 2017 they get stuck in presenting the same old, same old. On the Get Growth Channel, I want to start highlighting the ones that really deserve attention, but haven’t been presented yet.

Coming up with a list of must have wordpress plugins 2017 isn’t an easy task, especially now when the WordPress Plugins directory went all wild and crazy; it got updated, and you can no longer access new plugins via tags. Which sure makes discovery of new plugins a lot harder than it used to be.

In my opinion, and I’m a big fan of personal branding, an author bio box plugins for wordpress will always be a must have. What’s the point in having a Web 2.0 website if you don’t take full advantage of it? It’s 2017 and people are on social media more than ever. Many people will never consider doing business with entities that are hidden in the shadows.

The Starbox author bio box plugin helps you shine a light on all your writers and this video shows you exactly what settings you can make and how to use them. Your authors will shine!

Yes, the plugin is indeed created by and it’s one of the main reasons why it’s on the channel here on Youtube. However, the truth remains and it can be checked on this plugin is the most popular, the most downloaded and the most reviewed.

In the video I show you some of the shortcomings of this plugin as well, so I’m not just showing the bright side. The good thing though: I tell you what you can do. Starting with minute 20.

This is not just a wordpress plugin review. I’m showing you exactly what you can do to make it work awesomely for you.

Great things about the plugin:

– works with multisite
– simple author box plugin
– can be a fancier author box plugin because there are many themes to choose from
– it helps you see how to create an author box in wordpress

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