New WordPress Plugins 17 Mar 2016

New WordPress Plugins 17 Mar 2016

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Hey guys welcome to this broadcast this is just going to be a really quick 1 minute overview of the plugins coming out for the day. I’m going to do this on a regular basis just give you guys a quick overview on at the new WordPress plugins coming out yes you can come to the page and find about yourself I’ll have the link down the bottom .

So I thought I’d give you a quick overview to see how we go to downloads for the ntt data time now some of these are a pretty good some of these are already getting downloads and some of them have not got any downloads.

Some of them are also upgrades and updates to the versions let’s have a look at a couple of the top ones RS System Diagnostic easily gather all your WordPress and site configuration data in seconds and send it directly to tech support by email or URL it sounds like a really good plan if you’re in a corporate environment and possibly a really good 1 there’s a couple of ones about.

Google recaptcha payment Gateway for, Recent search terms traffic by strengthening on page SEO and increasing the number of indexed pages auto convert search turns into post tags and more that sounds like a really popular 1.

The most popular 14 download the shopify ecommerce plugin shopping cart is being upgraded to 4.5 I 13 hours ago so sell products in a WordPress site using shopify is powerful easy to use buy buttons what else we got here 10 downloads for the simple social media plugin to generate customise social media icons which will link to your social media accounts lots of those ones around already this one’s got a couple of stars and 16 downloads.

Postpage slider WordPress responsive slider create beautiful slider based on post or a category what else we got here 126 downloads for SEO friendly images pretty self-explanatory definately be taking a look at that one.

That was 2 minutes will leave it there have a great day bye

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