News SEO for WordPress plugin

News SEO for WordPress plugin

“Our New SEO plugin is specifically for those of you who want to be or are in Google News. If you’re not in Google News and you’re creating a lot of content you think is worthwhile for Google News, check out the articles on our site on what you need to do to submit your site to Google News and see if that could work for you:

– Installation guide:

– Configuration guide:

If you can, than buy our News SEO plugin, install it on your site, and do all the other things that are listed on the article to make sure that you have al the needed pages and to show that you have enough authors and all the things that Google News asks from you. If you do that, submit your site and you’ll be good to go. We’ll take care of all the technical details that you need to optimize your site well for Google News. After that it’s up to you to write awesome content and get tons if traffic from Google News! Good Luck!”

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