Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Overview & Setup – ImagineWP

Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Overview & Setup – ImagineWP

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## Ninja Forms WordPress Plugin Overview & Setup

Hey friends,

Today’s video takes a look at another very popular plugin in the WordPress repository. After working with it for a few minutes I understand why!

The plugin we look at today is called Ninja Forms. It is once again a free plugin that we can install right from the WordPress dashboard. There are extensions that you can purchase and use to extend the core plugin, but seriously the core plugin is pretty cool.

In this video we basically build a glorified “contact” form that will send an email message to whoever we want it to, including the text that a user inputs on the front end of the website.

After I recorded this video I looked around a bit more and was pleasantly surprised by the included “sample form.” Right out of the gate they give you a really good contact form… Just customize it a bit and drop a short code into one of your pages.

If you can’t tell I really like this plugin, in fact I decided to use it on the ImagineWP site to allow you all to ask WordPress related questions… so go ahead and use it!

Thanks for watching and subscribing,

P.S. Feel free to comment below with questions, comments etc…

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