SEOPressor Review – SEO Plugin for WordPress

SEOPressor Review – SEO Plugin for WordPress

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So is SEOPressor the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

Listen or read this SEOPressor Review (SEO Plugin for WordPress) and follow the link about for a special review discount.

Hi there, you’ve found this video because you want to learn more about SEOPressor Connect (the WordPress SEO plugin), and if you think it might help your website and business; then you’re right.

I’m a digital marketer, and finding a good solution for WordPress SEO plugin was a bit of a journey for me, but I’ve now found the one that works the best and gets me the results I need.

It’s been around for about 5 years now, and has really grown to deliver the competitive edge your website needs.

There are a number of SEO plugins out there, some really popular ones really don’t help your SEO at all because they have failed to change with Google, SEOPressor is different (hence this review) and these are the key reasons why.

It seems to understand what is important to Google like no other SEO Plugin.

You can optimise for more than one keyword

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) recommendations – this basically provides a list of keywords closely related to your primary keywords – use these in your posts and pages to get your page to the top of Google and Bing – in fact SEOPressor actually gets these LSI suggestions from these search engines.

It calculates your keyword density in real-time

Alerts you if you have over-optimised your page – over optimisation can lead to poor ranking in search engines. (better than any other SEO plugin)

Checks your internal linking structure – just as Google does

Monitors your keyword decoration (what you have in BOLD or Alt Tags etc)

With its Social SEO feature, it actually optimises for social media – allows you to change what people post when your content is shared on Twitter/Facebook. This helps get you found on social networks and helps get your content shared again and again.

There you have it.
8 key reasons why SEOPressor is the right WordPress SEO plugin if you want to dominate search engine rankings for your WordPress site. It’s the closest thing I’ve seen that emulates the Google algorithm for WordPress.

It does cost $9 a month, but compared to the free offerings out there, $9 is cheap for the ranking results it gives you.

To find out more about this great plugin, visit the link in the video description.

All the best with your SEO.

The best SEO plugin for WordPress.

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