Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have (2013)

Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have (2013) What plugins should you add to your WordPress website? Here are my Top 10 most essential plugins every website should have for 2013.

With over 10,000+ plugins in the WordPress Plugin Library, there are bound to be others you will want to add to your site as well. However, the plugins mentioned in this video are my “must-haves”. Everything from automatically scheduling website backups to Dropbox, optimizing SEO (search engine optimization) and protecting your website from hacks and spam are included.



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50 thoughts on “Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have (2013)”

  1. Hi Katrinah, thank you for the reply. no nextgen piugin. The website could not be open at all, I uninstall the theme (ifeature) and it is ok now, but could not update the WP version, some of the plugin I installed are missing from the list, and it do not allow me to install agian (contact form 7). All I can do now is wait for the next WP update version to see if I can update. Anyway,. Thank you once again,

  2. alisalman hussein

    hi,thanks for this video but i have some features missing from my wordpress version((i use the latest version))and for example i don’t have the theme options in themes or the header options also ,so what do you think is the reason.thanks

  3. Hello Katrinah, thank you for your all valuable videos, its great that you are happy to share your knowledge with others.Could you recommend plugin that would allow my users add content to my website, including videos, and others could make comments ? I will be very thankful for suggestions, Thank you in advance. All The Best

  4. Can I use wordpress plugins for a regular website, or do I have to be using wordpress? Just starting out, and have finished my first website for a client which I designed from scratch…just want to see what my options are. Thanks

  5. Dear Kat, it’s awesome how this video still makes so much relevance even in 2016. Kudos Gurl! Dunno if there’s anything like a [Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have in 2016] upcoming.

  6. Your list shared here on WordPress plugins as essential for a site is really still essential after few of years . Thank for choosing such nice selection ,

  7. Monsieur Cashow

    Hello Katrina,, thanks for this great compilation of plugins! I have a question regarding security: What about plugins which haven’t been updated for a long time, say >6 months (=plugins that are not compatible with the current version of WP)? I’m asking because there are, for example, those very important security plugins (one that you’ve mentioned) that avoid numerous login attempts, "Limit Login Attempts" and "Login Lockdown". Those plugins have not been updated for a very long time, but youtubers still recommend the plugins. 
    1) Is this not a security risk? How dangerous is it in general, if developers do not update plugins and does the necessity of an update depend on the plugin itself?
    2) How can I as a beginner know, whether a plugin (even if it has more than 50.000 downloads) is safe? Is there any simple way to find out?


  8. PTSports Frisco

    Thanks Katrinah,

    What do you see as the first 2 or 3 changes I should make to this site I don’t know what I am doing with?

    I need to change the background collage thing, and the header. I also just updated the newest edition and all of a sudden I don’t see anywhere where I can put in the thumbnail photo for my article preview on the main page. That’s why I hate getting current versions because they change stuff SO DRAMATICALLY. I should have stayed with my old version….   but the video plug ins kept crashing when using Firefox.

  9. ZealousWeb Technologies Pvt. Ltd

    Thanks Katrina.. I was using some of the plugins from the list but the video has provided brief idea for the best 10 plugins. W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to optimize the page load and speed of our website.

  10. Hi,
    Ihave some problems with Jetpack comments.. when i open the page with comments it says: Invalid request signature.
    Do ou know what could be wrong there?

  11. I do miss a disclaimer plugin. Your Customizr video did not cover this topic. I would appreciate some input 🙂

  12. Can you please help me. I want to make a new page my blog page, but I wan to keep the front theme page the home page. When I go into the settings, it does not give me the option to keep the home page as the front page when I change the posts page for the blog. Really need help on this. Thanks

  13. irishblessingyn

    Hi Katrinah,
    Can you recommend a simple plug in to change fonts?  Thank you.  Happy Thanksgiving! You are in my Thank You list for this year.

  14. Md. Arifuzzaman

    Hi, Katrinah, I have viewed one of your videos about e-commerce site , that was awesome. I think that was great 1 but after seeing this video i am confused which is great 1. Absolutely both of your videos is fantastic and helpful. I have just start to make my own blog about Nutrition, weight loss and wellness nutrifood24(dot)com. I have learn my things from your videos and will try to implement in my website nutrifood24(dot)com . Thanks a lot.

  15. irishblessingyn

    Thank you Katrinah.  I am so grateful to you and your site.  I am also very proud of what I have achieved because of you.  Check this. You can take the credit.

  16. Ashutosh Menghrajani

    This video was very helpfull to me.I need your guidance to use the ‘genesis simple menus" plugin in word press version 3.8,as it is totally different from what i have seen on youtube.Please guide me..

  17. really helpful video ,madam please tell me which plugin i have to use for xml site map in wordpress.

  18. العالم في نقرة

    Who I Can’t Add Plugin Jetepack On My WordPress he Talle Me Avertissement D’échec

  19. Hi, Just ask if you can help.. I try to upgrade my wordpress version and I got this error message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/taxitour/public_html/wp-admin/includes/update-core.php on line 934. Thank you .

  20. Thank you for the videos, is there any limit of plugins that you will install into a website, will to many plugins slow down a website or affect SEO. Thank you.
    I am now building a website using one of your videos.

  21. hi…Katrinah….very usefulll video..for me as well WordPress blogger….great plugins are talk about ….again thanks alot.

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