48 thoughts on “Top 7 Must Have WordPress Plugins – Killer!”

  1. Some good information there but I always think how can I apply this knowledge in a practical and fast way

    Well I got my hands on a WordPress plug-in that is both free and at the same time incredibly powerful

    You can get it here and if you have a WordPress website then I urge you to consider using it:  http://instafunnel.net/instant_content_and_authority/?r=357

    My question is how damn powerful do you think this could be and what use cases would you have in mind to really leverage this plug-in?

    For example I could take a BBC or Wikipedia article on nutrition or recipes and then put in a pop-up or link to a diet book or recipe book that I am selling. Am I missing something here or is this an incredibly useful tool with loads of potential?

  2. Yoast was bought out by Monster Insights so it is no longer google analytics by yoast but rather google analytics by "monster" insights.

  3. Thank you so much! WP plugins are so countless, beginners like me just don’t know where to start for efficient, useful plugins.

  4. Hello James, your video is amazing thank you! I developed my website with Dreamweaver with Bluehost to host my website. Is that I good away of doing it? Could I use only WordPress to build and host my website?

  5. I tried to pay for the training $7 and it did not go trough because it said missing purchase.

  6. Awesome video! Great overview of plugins. Just a heads up, you are duplicating your sitemaps if you install Yoast and XML sitemap generator. Otherwise, we totally agree with your suggestions. 2 other suggestions would be a caching plugin and a security plugin. Thanks for your video.

  7. this is amazing ……….. thank you for all info u chared with as
    i just have one question witch platforme you use to make montage vedio …… i really admire it
    thank u

  8. Hey James. Where is youк support? Nobody is answering! I vought 10X Traffic hacks but they disappeared from your site!

  9. Genial, excelente vídeo amigo, me darías a descargar tus números entre tops para añadirlos a mis vídeos?, esta muy cool

  10. A brilliant set of very easy to understand and professionaly delivered videos. Cant stop going to the next one – thank you !

  11. Google Analytics by Yoast plugin is now called — Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights.

  12. Thanks for thid video!! But I can’t find WordPress SEO by Yoast … has it a new name??? I really need this plugin …

  13. 7 SEO friendly images 6 WP socializer 5 contact form seven 4 WordPress Yoast SEO 3 SumoMe 2 Google XML Sitemap 1 Yoast Google Analytics

  14. what is the difference between google analytics and google analytics by yoast? and why seo friendly images have such poor rating? why you even need it when you have seo by yoast?

  15. Am I the only one that runs away from website with pop-ups asking you to enter an email to subscribe to some mistery email list? Do people really fill those with their emails?

  16. This was a pretty precise Best WordPress Plugins, but I would’ve really liked if you could have mentioned a Youtube WordPress plugin too.

  17. You should also consider the PHP 7 Compatibility Checker. When thinking about that barely 6% of all WordPress users upgraded to PHP 7 this plugin might become very usefull.

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