TYC 0052 – Meerkat, Yik Yak and Single Tasking

TYC 0052 – Meerkat, Yik Yak and Single Tasking

Today Andy Brown from discusses Meerkat, Yik Yak and single tasking.

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In This Episode, You’ll Hear More About:

** Why You Will Get Bored Of Your Content Long Before Your Audience
** How To Use The New Meerkat App To Motivate Your Prospects To Attend A Live Event
** How You Have The Potential Serve Your Local Area Better Using Yik Yak
** How To Outsource Your WordPress Updates And Plugins
** How to Customise Your Social Media Campaigns Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
** How To Take Advantage Of The Top Movers Report In Adwords
** Why You Need To Single Task Your Way Through The Day
** How Focusing On One Task Unlocks Ultra Productivity
** The Advantages Of Using The Google Chrome Extension “Session Buddy”

In episode 52 of the Triple Your Clients podcast I start with some words of encouragement. I stress it’s important to remember a marketer / business owner will get bored of their own message long before their audience does. It can be tough having to continually write new content, and sometimes you may get bored, but critically you must continue to produce on a consistent basis. You can very quickly lose the momentum you build up if your audience turn up to consume your latest blog post or podcast and you aren’t there! If this happens a few times, you will find they will soon turn their attention to finding someone else to read, watch and listen.

I also discuss the impact of a new app live streaming app called Meerkat. Broadcasting a live event just got a lot easier! I’m excited to speculate how business owners can use Meerkat to better serve their community. There’s no doubt significant value can be created by generating scarcity in your own business marketing by offering exclusive live video content. Whether Meerkat is the long term product to enable this, we will have to wait and see. Sadly for Meerkat, Twitter turned off their social Graph having bought their own live streaming video product Periscope. Future shows will discuss the competition between Meerkat and Periscope

During the show I highlight the messaging app Yik Yak. This app allows people to anonymously create and view “Yaks” within a 1.5 mile radius of where they are located. Think of it as a virtual bulletin board. Whilst you may believe it’s only for students, this won’t always be the case and ultimately it represents an opportunity to better understand your local market.

For businesses looking to build engaging social media campaigns, like contests and promotions, I discuss the advantages of using This should be of interest if for example you are planning on running a content on your Facebook timeline or running a Twitter promotion to collect leads. I explain how to run a campaign on Instagram and highlight the fact that integrates into MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and Highrise.

There’s also reference to Google Adwords Top Movers Report. This report makes it easier to spot significant changes to your account. Use the report to determine what’s driving the biggest change across each of your key business metrics. For example these include costs. clicks, converted clicks and conversions.

On the show I give out a shout out to a Ben Laing from Based in Fife, Ben is an expert at SEO and website design. I thank him for his iTunes review and recommend his SEO Training for WordPress Websites course on Ben also offers a service whereby you can benefit from current WordPress and plugin updates, website tweaks and publishing new search engine optimised blog posts to your website. It’s an excellent way to know that your WordPress site is protected and you have the freedom to easily make changes and upload new posts without logging in yourself.

Finally I chat about how to avoid working with too many browser tabs open in your internet browser. Working on multiple items at once is definitely a receipt for disaster. By focusing on single-tasking, over multitasking, you will see an increase in your productivity, accuracy and efficiency. I suggest you should stick to single-tasking as a way of completing more tasks in a set amount of time. This strategy reduces the number of distractions and interruptions that slow your productivity down.

Check out where Andy Brown helps business owners like you attract a steady, consistent stream of new clients using Google Adwords. You can claim your free Google Adwords audit at

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