Website issues with WordPress Amazon AmaNiche Plugin

Website issues with WordPress Amazon AmaNiche Plugin

My website is at and I encountered a problem with the Amazon AmaNiche plugin on this site. The funny thing is that I first installed the plugin on a demo site I use for testing themes and plugins, and It worked perfectly. I then created my paintsprayer site and installed the AmaNiche plugin. I had also upgraded to worpress 3.5.2 at the time.
However, I had website issues with the wordpress Amazon AmaNiche plugin. The unique selling point of the AmaNiche plugin is its ability to scrape a sample of the actual Amazon reviews and includes them on your post of each Amazon product description and features. However, this is where the conflict exists, because the posts were all corrupted; the post header was overlaid on top of the main body of the post and the sidebar widgets were out of place. The interesting thing about this problem was the fact that the web pages were all unaffected, you had the same problem on whatever browser you used, wheter IE, Chrome or Firefox. The problem rests with the product post pages.
I tried the initial trouble shooting routines, such as:-
• Deactivate the plugin. However this didn’t have any effect, because the problem with the post pages still persist.
• Uninstall and re-install the plugin. Again this didn’t work and the problem hadn’t gone away.
• Deleting all of the posts and creating new posts, by selecting a new list of Amazon products. The result was no change, I still had the post pages conflict problem.
• Uninstall and re-install the wordpress theme and even changing the theme; but this made no difference and I still got the corrupted post pages.
• I contacted the plugin developer at, to determine whether the plugin conflicts with another plugin on my website; or whether there is bug in the AmaNiche Plugin it self. I got one email back from Edwin in which he requested temporary access to my site, this I gave him, but I never heard from him again. So much for AmaNiche’s customer support, or the lack of it.
I kept at the problem which was constantly at the back of my mind for nearly a week, and finally I had that eureka! moment, when it came to me.

I knew the problem was down to the Amazon reviews, included in the posts, so I went into WordPress Admin panel and then AmaNiche Options. I then selected “no” for the Amazon Reviews, refreshed the site and the problem was 90{f60a19ca4822ea5083709910a03c8f9e50ac3abaf19315a89f25f66a4b2e306d} solved. Gone were the duplicated header embedded into the main body of the post. My sidebar widgets were where they are supposed to be.
The only drawback which was not that significant was that my posts no longer includes the Amazon reviews. This my friends was a small price to pay, considering all the head scratching I went through.
You can see the actual website at Check it out and if you are looking for your ideal paintsprayer, that saves you a ton of time for doing those DIY painting jobs in and around the house; feel free to see which paintsprayer takes your fancy.

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