Weekly SEO Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 65

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0:00 Intro & Announcements

Serp Space free account at http://serpspace.com

MasterCLASS price increasing prior to IFTTT 2.0 launch, get in now: https://masterclass.semanticmastery.com

4:00 Can you over optimize images on your money site with keywords and geo tagging and stuff like that and do you geo tag the images you use for your citation sites, GMB pages, branded networks etc plus having the site name in the meta data of the images aswell, is that too much?

9:00 What’s your take on altering YouTube video Titles, Descriptions. Tags or Links – AFTER they’ve ranked well? Does Google hate minor tweaks or monetization efforts after the fact?

Also wondering: Do long-standing, well-clicked videos on Page One tend to move from Exact to Broad(er) match queries if they stand the test of time?

15:00 My twitter account gets alot of retweets of my retweets but not really any for when I post my own content, blog posts, money site pages etc. I am curious if I can add a shortened url of my $ page into my ifttt recipe so that when my retweets of other ppls content get retweeted by my followers (usually 3 – 10 retweets & Favs) there will be a link to my $ kind of hiding in there. If this is ok does google see this as my $ getting social shares thus giving activity, authority, etc back to my $ site?

21:00 Ok, here is a question I MAY know the answer to, and I am not afraid of public or private ridicule…lol but here goes…
I’ve got about 15 PBN’s and videos for a local client and I want to use IFTTT. Do I HAVE ( not yelling, just crabbing…lol ) to make individual IFTTT accounts for EVERY PBN or is there a shortcut I can use. I am just dreading making up a bunch of tiered accounts for every one of them. I had VA’s for a while.

26:00 I built 3 branded networks and I just finished creating the last of 3 persona networks.

I want to use these personas around my branded networks.

Can I connect all 3 personas to all 3 branded networks?

Please tell me if this is correct:

I connect a blogger, tumblr and wordpress blogs from my personas to my branded networks blogger, tumblr and wordpress blogs right?

My rss feed or youtube channel recipe would trigger my network and also my personas network through their blogger, tumblr or wordpress rss feed that I set up in each personas ifttt accounts.

I would use additional rss feeds from other sources in my personas ifttt accounts to make them look natural.

Also do you guys have a new Youtube RSS feed that works?

34:00 Is your YT Silo academy course still works? I just watched your one of the recent video on YT and you said to Dan you won’t prefer to rank YT videos so this is what arose the question?

37:00 Hey I watched both the sales videos of RYS Academy (a.k.a. The SEO Time Machine)
and IFTTT SEO Academy

Still it’s little bit confusing.

Could you please let me know what’s the difference between RYS Academy (a.k.a. The SEO Time Machine) and IFTTT SEO Academy?

40:00 Setting up a branded network around site and YT channel

46:00 Just had these made up, I need a vote from everyone, which is more impressive? A or B

48:00 When using high PA aged blogs in a new network is it wise to do seed posts the same way we do on our regular blogs, then wait a bit (a week or so) before connecting them to IFTTT? Any other suggestions to do this correctly would be much appreciated.

49:00 There have been discussions suggesting we use our Twitter channel as our main feed and set up a set of IFTTT recipes which posts our tweets out to all our web 2.0 properties. Are the twitter recipes something additional to standard RSS triggered recipes that we should be using? How exactly should we be using Twitter based recipes in conjunction with our regular approach.

53:00 I do SEO for a large and successful ecommerce website. We’ve seen some great results with rankings… some of our most targeted keywords, however, seem to be stuck at the bottom of page 1, top of page 2. I have a branded IFTTT network (we update the site with News 2 times a week and a Podcast once a week) and we do regular outreach (we have some great high authority links). What would you guys do from this point on to move those keywords up from the bottom of page 1, top of page 2?

57:00 If a client has multiple locations with a page for each location on their site, would I need to create an IFTTT T1 for each location or would I create 1 IFTTT to the homepage? What would be the best and fastest way to power up the T1 properties. Should you wait for the T1 accounts to season before spamming them to increase TF and PA?

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