Which is the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

Which is the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

Are you looking for a WordPress photo gallery plugin for your site? We went through the three top photo gallery plugins. In this video we will show you which is the best WordPress photo gallery plugin.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Starting with speed, based on page size the page load time, and how many requests each plugin made you see that Envira Gallery was the fastest.

For ease of use, Envira and Foo Gallery both have a visual drag and drop way of creating a gallery whereas NextGen’s gallery is a little less intuitive.

Envira is built with a mobile first approach so it’s fully responsive out of the box and comes with several built in features.

Foo gallery has some great features as well, but it is not mobile responsive out of the box so if you have many mobile visitors to your site, this could be a problem.

NextGen is the oldest of all three plugins and has several features and wins the features comparison.

Enivira gallery stores everything in it’s own custom post type which makes it easy to import and export the galleries.

Foo gallery does the same thing, but there isn’t an import/export feature.

Overall the Envira gallery is the best WordPress photo gallery plugin.

Being very fast and simple to use with all the essential features and mobile responsive.

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