10 thoughts on “WordPress 4 5 and Visual Composer 4 9 Issues”

  1. Update wordpress and clear your browser cache or use a different browser until your cache expires, visual composer will be back.
    CTRL+F5 in some browsers work too.
    If needed, uninstall and reinstall visual composer after wordpress update, clear the cache of any cache plugins after

  2. Guardian Diancie

    I was wondering if you might know how to add words in text boxes for Visual Composer 4.11.2

    When I click on the template to use when there is a text box to write paragraph. But is there a way to write text to place in there.

  3. Thank you soooo Much Bro !! its helps me alooooot, very excited big support for my project , keep it up, we need Good Guy like you, once again thank you.

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