WordPress Form Plugin | Best WordPress Form Builder to Make Custom Forms

WordPress Form Plugin | Best WordPress Form Builder to Make Custom Forms

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There are many WordPress contact form plugins now even free ones which help to make make custom contact forms. However, there are only a few form builders for WordPress which let us to make more complex forms which we can use for many purposes. This wp contact form plugin is the solution for those who need an easy to use solution to make complex forms easily.

What makes it so powerful is that it comes with all the functions you will need, and you do not need to know anything about coding and programming.

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Best Features of this WordPress Form Plugin

Form Builder: It allows to build various form easily such as multiply forms, order forms, contact forms and anything you want. These form can be easily integrated into you WordPress site.

Easy form field management: You can use or even create wide variety of form field inputs. It comes with standard fields like single line Text, paragraph text, drop down,
number, check boxes, multiple choice with radio buttons, hidden field, HTML and many others. This WordPress form builder also comes with an advanced field box which supports name, date, time, phone, address, website, email,
file upload and CAPTCHA Fields.

Order Forms: You can also you this form plugin for WordPress to make order forms as you can add product fields and it supports Paypal.

Entry Management: This makes it easy to manage all the entries form your WordPress dashboard. You can download or modify theme easily.

Notification system: This is a very powerful feature of this WordPress form maker. Easily configure notification emails that are sent when a form is submitted. Quickly respond to
users filling out your form with a user notification that acts as an auto-responder.

Customization: There are a huge number of settings you can use to customize your forms. It supports many hooks for example.

Overall, it is the most powerful WordPress form plugin you have ever seen with everything you need to make custom forms.

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