WordPress Installation Form & Logging In For The First Time | WP Learning Lab

WordPress Installation Form & Logging In For The First Time | WP Learning Lab

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WordPress Installation Form & Logging In For The First Time | WP Learning Lab

In previous videos in this series I showed you how to create your MySQL database credentials and edit your wp-config.php file. In this video we will be installing the WordPress site and logging in for the first time.

After you’ve finished editing your wp-config.php file you can open your domain’s URL in your favorite browser. If everything went well you’ll see the WordPress installation form.

To install WordPress all you have to do is go through the short form. Luckily nothing on this form is written in stone, everything can be changed later via the WordPress admin area.

So, going through the fields one by one you have the Website Name first. Usually this is your company name or a specific keyword you’re trying optimize your site for.

Next, choose your user name. You can type any username you want into the field, just make sure you DO NOT choose Admin. I know it’s tempting, but it makes your site easier to hack.

All versions of WordPress before version 3 automatically created an Admin user for everyone. You could create your own user name later, but the Admin user always existed.

Hackers that try to access sites via Brute Force attacks need to guess the username and the password. Since every site had an Admin user, half of the hackers work was done for them; they only had to guess the password. Hackers still try the Admin user every time, so use a different username.

Following the username, choose your password. The installation form includes a password strength indicator and instructions on how to create strong passwords. The stronger the better. If you have trouble remembering complicated passwords try using the LastPass app to store them for you. I’ve used it for years, it makes life very easy.

Next, enter your primary email address. Then choose to allow or disallow search engines to index your site. In general, you always want search engines to index your site. Times when you wouldn’t include when your site is used privately inside your company or if you are developing a site on a development URL and want to transfer it later. it is important to note that this option only “discourages” search engines from indexing your site. To hide it completely you will need to password protect it.

Once you’ve selected all your options click on Install WordPress. After a few moments you will be taken to a Success! page. Click the Log In button at the bottom. You will then be taken to the login form.

Enter your chosen username and password into the login form and you will be taken to the WordPress Dashboard. And that’s it, you’ve now installed WordPress and logged in for the first time.

Make sure you check out WP Learning Lab WordPress 101 course where I explain all of the areas of the WordPress Admin what each area is used for. It will greatly decrease your learning curve.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.

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