WordPress Lightbox Plus Tutorial 2017 – How To Set Up And Use Lightbox Plus Viewing Larger Photos

WordPress Lightbox Plus Tutorial 2017 – How To Set Up And Use Lightbox Plus Viewing Larger Photos

WordPress Lightbox Plus Tutorial 2017 – How To Set Up And Use Lightbox Plus Viewing Larger Photos

Lightbox Plus is a WordPress plugin that gives you an enlarged and nicely designed window for your pictures on WordPress. If you put a thumbnail on your page it will automatically open in the Lightbox. To do that same thing in the image gallery you will have to change a few settings though.

To install it you go to Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard, then Add new, then search for “lightbox plus” and then just follow the simple instructions to install it.

To set up Lightbox for image galleries you first have to go to “Posts” then “Add new”. First give a name to your image gallery and then click the button for upload and select the files from your computer and just upload them. The different thing here is that you’re adding more pictures in one go, and not just one as usual. Next make sure that your thumbnail is linked to the “Image File” and not “Attachment page”. You can also change the number of columns if that’s what you want to do. When you’re done with this process publish the post.

Now we have a few images but they don’t open in the Lightbox. To make that happen we need to make some changes. First go to your Dashboard, then Appearance and under that Lightbox Plus. You then need to choose Other Settings and then just simply check the box that says “Use for WP Gallery”. Now when we go back to the gallery Lightbox will work normally even with those files.

You can also change the style of the Lightbox. You can do that under General Settings where you have lots of different styles that are available for you to choose from.

Another thing you might want to do is to only make Lightbox Plus make on certain pages on your online blog. First you need to select the post that you want to edit and add a picture. Then go back to Lightbox’s appearance settings and then choose Other settings. We will use a function called ‘Use class method’ and also uncheck the ‘Use for WP Gallery’ box and check the ‘Do not Auto-Lightbox Images’. Now we have to add the Lightbox effect individually to each page we want to have it on. You can do that by editing the image and then going to advanced settings. Under that you have to write ‘cboxModal’ in the CSS Class window.

Lightbox Plus is a WordPress Plug-in that adds Lightbox Image Effects to your photos and thumbnails. Lightbox plus gallery will add a WordPress image gallery plugin to your WordPress page. This is one in my series of WordPress tutorials. This amazing WordPress plugin is conviniently called Lightbox plus Colorbox and this is a video on Lightbox. WordPress is a blogging platform and this video is a tutorial on Lightbox or Lightbox Plus which is a WordPress plugin for your website. This How-to video will show you how to design your portfilio with photography images and a gallery.

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