WordPress Plugins Tutorial

WordPress Plugins Tutorial

Welcome to the WordPress Plugins Tutorial. In this video we will cover how to use plugins to take your websites usability to the next level.

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Hello, everyone. In this video we’re going to be working with plug-ins on WordPress. Part of the reason WordPress is such a powerful and awesome tool is down to its massive flexibility and functionality. One of the main reasons is through plug-ins. There is just over 34,000 plug-ins available at the moment. They are created by people from all over the world, businesses and individuals. By installing plug-ins into your website, you’re able to turn a standard blog or basic website into pretty much anything you want. Plug-ins are awesome, and we will look at how you can install them and make them part of your web service. If you go down to plug-ins on the side menu here, you will be met with 3 options, install plug-ins, add new plug-ins and editor.

We will start with install plug-ins. This takes us through to a subpanel where it shows what plug-ins we already have installed on our website. At the moment we have 2 plug-ins installed by default when we start our new WordPress installation. That’s and Hello Dolly. You’ll note that neither of these 2 plug-ins are activated, and they both give us the activate option. Starting at the top we have the add new button. This will take us through to the plug-ins directory, and we’ll be able to choose additional plug-ins to add to our website. Underneath that we have what plug-ins we have in terms of all of them, which plug-in is inactive, which plug-ins are active and which plug-ins we have in the trash. As you can see, we only have 2 at the moment, so the trash and active options are not there.

We also have a drop down menu underneath that which has both actions. These are standard things that we see on post pages and many other subpanels within the WordPress dashboard area. If you have a lot of plug-ins installed, there is a plug-in search tool on this side as well that will be able to help you find the one you require. Let’s go to the plug-ins directory and have a look at what’s available. To do this you click the add new button at the button. This takes us through to our plug-ins directory. At the very top here we have the upload plug-in. If you bought a plug-in from an additional service or website and downloaded it onto your hard drive, you’re able to upload it by clicking the upload plug-in and installing it onto your install plug-ins WordPress area.

Underneath we have featured, popular, recommended and favorites. We also have search plug-ins over the other side here. Now this is very useful if you’re looking for a specific tool for a specific job. We’ll show you how that works in just a second. Here are our featured plug-ins. These are some of the most popular plug-ins in the world. As you can see at the bottom here, we’ve got 300,000 plus active installs for bbPress. Jetpack has over a million active installs. Some of these are run by the owners and creators of WordPress called Automattic. If you see Automattic or by Automattic on anything, then you’ll know that the software is pretty legitimate, as these guys created WordPress itself. If we click through to popular tab here we’ll get a wider selection of plug-ins to look at.

As you can see, we have some big names here and some well-known tools. We have screen capture here, which is very useful for security. We have Google Analytics by Yoast. Yoast are a very, very big SEO provider for WordPress and have some amazing tools available for their users. We have Jetpack which is by Automattic, and it really does enhance functionality of your website. We have the all important WooCommerce here, and that is a vital tool for us here at Pressibly. What we’re going to do is we’re going to check out contact form 7, and we’re going to click on contact form 7, the link. This will bring up an additional window. Now this gives us a detailed description on what the actual plug-in involves. It gives us installation details and also screenshots the plug-in on what it looks like. There’s also a change log, frequently asked questions and all important reviews.

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