wordpress security issues | Wordpres security hacker Agenda part 2 5

wordpress security issues | Wordpres security hacker Agenda part 2 5

wordpress security issues | Wordpres security hacker Agenda part 2 5
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Top 10 WordPress Security Mistakes
How to create complete wordpress website step by step For beginners
A compete website for Take Donation from any buddy.
we will see How to create A complete website of WordPress,
How to install WordPress with my c panel, and How yo maintain our website. we will learn how to install WordPress plugin,
how to create page,post menu,
We will work with different -2 plugin.
I am using Go-daddy hosting services ,
Do not worry about any thing. you can learn every thing From here.
A quick video about the most common misconfigurations and security holes (from a System Administrator’s perspective) in WordPress sites (applies to Joomla, Magento, and other content management systems as well). These tips will help you fix the most glaring issues and would prevent a huge percentage of the security compromises I see every day.

There will also be a post about this at
running sites as root
-dave:www-data instead — group (web server) has read, OWNER IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN WRITE

shared PHP/user between sites
-most hosting companies use shared hosting
-if you have one site or 23 sites, they’re all running under ONE user and ONE PHP process.
-one infected site means that everything is at risk, since that site can write to other sites (and thereby cross-infect them)

web user has a shell (instead of /bin/false)
-grep www /etc/passwd — /sbin/nologin good, /bin/bash == BAAAD

ssh with passwd login, root login enabled
-no root login from iNet.
-no password based logins. Period.

weak FTP/hosting/DNS passwords
-hosting companies that expose FTP — scary

# Administration
people don’t update their CMS installations and plugins
people run huge amounts of plugins

# 3rd-party
badly engineered plugins/themes/etc.
vulnerable ‘custom’ code — uploaders with no authentication, etc.

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