WordPress SEO: How to reset your Permalinks for SEO By Videospot

WordPress SEO: How to reset your Permalinks for SEO By Videospot

Steal my top converting wordpress web designs here: Permalinks are the URL structures that help WordPress to properly file your pages and posts. You can reset them to make the permalinks work for your SEO. This video will show you exactly how you can make that happen


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Video Notes:

Permalinks are a crucial part of the web design process as well as the SEO process. WordPress provides many different options for setting and re-setting your permalink structures but it’s helpful to get started with the right plan.

Watch this video in conjunction with my last video on Canonical URLs as the two very much make a difference:

There is also a lot to be said about the right permalink structure plan as it relates to your web directory. Have a poor permalink structure plan in place can lead to 404 errors pages and the need for massive 301 redirects.

The right permalink structure can either be helpful or harmful to your wordpress website. Depending on your level of comfort with the permalink structure inside of wordpress, you may be able to make significant changes that will affect your SEO.

SEO is all about ranking on google. Ranking what? Your permalinks! So having the right permalink structure is very helpful to ranking your video around the web.

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