WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – 2017 (The EASY Way)

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners – 2017 (The EASY Way)

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners 2017 | Start Here –

Business field is always challenging. Businessmen should work hard to be able to compete against others. The simplest way to stand firm against such harsh competition is by creating a website. Is that important? First of all, our business can earn credibility with a website. More people take advantage of the internet to look for the services or products they want. Our business we create through this wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017 can win their attention with an attractive website. Otherwise, potential customers will look for other competitors. Building a website takes much time and effort. It should be as professional as possible and hopefully with this WordPress tutorial for beginners step by step 2017, A home-made site won’t give much benefit, after all.

Learn the Basics

Building a website isn’t as hard as people might think. It’s imperative to understand the basics when learning WordPress tutorial for beginners 2017 step by step, though. There are important steps to quickly create an amazing website for those with little experience. With this wordpress tutorial for beginners step by step 2017 It doesn’t matter whether we know HTML knowledge or not. In fact, we shouldn’t know much. Our focus is to make more money online, not to be an expert in web developing. How can we start? The most difficult part is the budget preparation. Expenses are crucial if we are serious about our business. It’s a real business, after all. We aren’t talking about a hobby here.

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We must decide the name of our domain. There are some affordable domain registrars available when starting on wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017 under $15 per year. This will be our site address so we need to make sure it’s easy to remember. The cheapest one will be $10 / month. Once we set up a hosting and domain name of the site, we need to build a list. An autoresponder will be our prime tool here. It helps us to deliver messages to our list at once and our videos like this WordPress tutorial for beginners 2017 step by step.

What’s next? It’s the content creation. A good website has high-quality content. It’s actually a personal issue. Each of us has different preferences regarding website content. We can even use software to do this task easier. The last step in this wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017 is the file uploading. We can do this easily by using FTP client software. The most popular option is Filezilla. The software is quite easy to use, after all. Any aspects of the site will be very expensive. That means we need to keep the expenses as low as we can. A single site can cost thousands of dollars like we’ll show in this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners.

Many people are interested in building a free website. Two best providers are WordPress and Google’s Blogger. We don’t need a hosting service if we use these providers in this wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017. However, we must buy a domain if we want to make our website more reliable. Creating a free website also has its downside. There are limitations of what we can do with such free website. For business, we need to create a paid website. The purpose of this WordPress tutorial for beginners 2017 is to use the entire features available.

Reasons Why Business Needs a Site in 2017

We have learned the basics of creating a website. Now we need to know why i put this WordPress tutorial for beginners 2017 youtube video together a website is crucial for our business in this wordpress tutorial for beginners step by step video. First things first, it saves us much money. Thats why we love this wordpress blog tutorial for beginners and so do Small business owners who don’t have as much budget as big companies do. We can pick the cheapest one with lots of features inside. Compared with the regular advertisements like a newspaper, we can save much money with a site. A professional business site is the best way to promote our business. We must take advantage of this fact.

Having a website makes our customers informed. We can use our site as an online catalogue or brochure. It becomes faster and easier to update information about wordpress tutorial for beginners 2017 and our products and services on the website than other advertisement media. As a result, we can have an effective method to deliver information to the customers including promotions, offers, upcoming events, new products, etc. Our website will provide recent news and information. Not to mention it will be always accessible. The site is active 24 hours a day. Potential customers look for a wordpress tutorial video for beginners 2017 pdf and a simpler way to get a product or service.

Another reason is the market potential. A website helps us to reach a wider market worldwide. Our site can reach more customers than local businesses.

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  1. I’m trying to create a blog without buying a domain for now. I have a wordpress account with the website name I want. But WordPress won’t let me create a blog with just that. So I have to use naother website name, instead? Why can’t I just create my site using the account info I have and make that my primary site?

  2. okay what if i wanted to add a video from youtube but the video was posted by someone else do i have to have there permission to add it to my website?

  3. Great video, I see we share a love of WordPress. look forward to learning more from you. Lets connect maybe.

  4. Chris Fernando

    Not sure if this is because Canada has different regs but when I try to follow your work @ the 6:00 mark, I don’t see the "Web Hosting" or "Get paid…" options on my account…any ideas?

  5. William Zimmerman

    Hey. I enjoyed the video but I have a question. I’m doing music reviews for a number of labels. One of the major labels would like to see the website sorted into categories based upon styles of music. So, how in the world would I do that? All I’m doing right now is typing and publishing which goes on the main page and then sends a link to Twitter. Any help would be immensely appreciated.

  6. Thankyou very much for your information where do you put the keywords that you want your site to link to ?

  7. I am a total beginner at this… this video is very helpful. I was just wondering to you have to purchase anything for your website in the begining or is there a way to publish for free? is the only difference going to be not having at the end or the domain? thank you for your correspondence.

  8. great tutorial! I was wondering if you had any advice or plans to make a video on word press certification?

  9. Mithila Krishnan

    Great tutorial! thank you very much! I am unable to view the dashboard after clicking on the link at 7.37 "go to your link that looks like this" I get an error "oops that page cant be found" P.S. (I already had a domain name at wordpress I used that instead of the free one on choosing the Godaddy hosting)

  10. It looks great! Thanks for the video. I do have a question. I wonder where would be a good place to get some image (free or purchase). Can you give me some suggestion please? Thanks!

  11. Shelby Richburg

    I loved the tutorial very helpful!  Thank you!  I am curious about the pictures you used for the blog posts.  Are they just random pictures taken off google or did you make them some how?

  12. FaceByTraceMUA

    So I already created a domain with wp is it too late to create a host as well? This is stressing me out lol

  13. I’ve searched far and wide for a decent tutorial on WordPress and finally found an awesome one!!!

  14. What happened to the text you put in? I’m curious because I’m building a site with some text.

  15. Daniel Edwards

    so i am now pissed because they are telling me at godaddy that with the 12 dollar only the domain is within the cost no hosting

  16. I’m new to WordPress but I can say as a hint if you want to test it for free you can install it on your localhost with xampp. 🙂 Ofc you won’t get your domain but you can do it without any fees paid.

  17. At 6:40, the Installatron is supposed to take me to the next page but I click "install this application" …and nothing happens.  What to do?!

  18. *Just a heads up* For new WordPress users DO NOT click "create WordPress account" when the option comes up during your cPanel account set up, (its not shown on this video) instead click "Not Yet". **If you do** once you get to the "Installatron Instal Wizard" step of the video and hit "Install" on the bottom right corner of the page you WILL get an error after it processes saying "An instance of WordPress already exists in this directory".

    If you did fall into this problem you have to go back to "Manage My Domains" go to "Domain Settings" by clicking on the little gear icon. After this click "Manage Hosting" then click "Settings" and then "Reset Account".

    Afterwards give it a few minutes and go through the process again shown in this video and click "Not Yet" when given the option to create a WordPress account until instructed in the video.


  19. more or less what got me confused when I looked at WordPress in the pass are all websites created with WP a Blog that you then use a theme to turn into a basic web site and can get rid of the Blog part?

  20. Panache Fabian

    I purchased a template and extra help but they are not very helpful… can you do a tuition on template installation and personal isation…

  21. Azzer Productions

    how come in your video you only payed for a domain and not a hosting company like tso? I thought you have to buy a hoting package to go live?

  22. I can’t find the C-panel Setup as mentioned 6:00 in to video. Has the Go Daddy website changed since the video was posted? Thanks!

  23. astha shrestha

    hey! I already have a domain, can I host it for the same price? how do i use my domain instead of creating a new one in godaddy?

  24. at 5:50 where you click on "go to my account" and you say to click on manage beside "web hosting".. That is not a choice for me. Can you explain why? All my screen shows is "Build a New Website" "Connect to an Existing Site" "Set up Professional Email" and then below that I have a choice to "Manage" Domains or "Manage" Workspace Email" THERE IS NO CHOICE TO MANAGE WEB HOSTING… Can you explain?

  25. I am a begginer to WordPress and I searched every youtube site for a clear and simple way to work with WordPress. By far, you made it easiest. Thank you so much!

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