WordPress Tutorial For beginners | How To Make A Website With WordPress Step By Step Video Training

WordPress Tutorial For beginners | How To Make A Website With WordPress Step By Step Video Training

Learn how to make killer WordPress website!

This WordPress Tutorial for beginners step by step video will show you how to make a website properly! If your advanced, this is perfect for you too! Learn how to PROPERLY build a WordPress Website that is optimized correctly for visitors/customers and the search engines that will ultimately drive more traffic & customers to your site with basically nothing but free tools!

Visit the link above for step-by-step video tutorials covering all aspects of WordPress to ultimately make a WordPress website that has improved visibility online, drives more qualified traffic, customers and cash-flow!

Learn how to make a website that is ultimately is going to have proper functionality to serve you or your business!

47 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial For beginners | How To Make A Website With WordPress Step By Step Video Training”

  1. Christer Söderholm

    Great presentation, one of the best I have seen! Also very easy to understand for one with English as a foreign language!
    Thank’s James

  2. The plugin’s to optimize SEO were super helpful, can they be used for any WordPress website I imagine so. All the best.

  3. This was a great video. Followed you through the whole thing and was able to make my first website using WordPress. Thank you very much. cheers

  4. I like it…Guys if you really want to make money online .Then i recommended you this site; "Mojo Make Money System" (Just Search Google)

  5. Hey, what could be the reason that my adsence account is still not approved, I tried to connect with website and there I got some error message

  6. Great video, I see we share a love of WordPress. look forward to learning more from you. Lets connect maybe.

  7. Great and useful help. Would love to watch this in 720 resolution. I was really struggling to see what you were typing along (at 480).

  8. I can see your username and security key if I pause the video @ 7:15, FYI. You probably want to go ahead and change that info for this account and keep that fuzzy box glued to the top of the screen as you pan down. You also say the letters of your username as you’re typing it which help because the video is a little fuzzy.

  9. I’ve followed all the steps but then HostGator asked me to connect my domain to hospackage. And now I have to wait 1 or two days. Thank you for this video tutorial.

  10. Colm Quilligan

    I have created a buy tickets button on the LOCAL BUSINESS theme home page but it does not click through to woo commerce site. Any thoughts?

  11. Amazing video. How can I get my website to receive feeds from other site. I would like to get articles from online newspapers daily about a specific topic. Thank you again.

  12. hi james thank you for this very informative video, just one question though, is there any relevant significance in getting hostgator’s wordpress plan over the baby plan?

  13. Elizabeth Desmond

    Lots of good information, though dated, as pages and options don’t always match up. I wish that when saying new terms, names of plug-ins, etc, it would slow down, show close-ups. And please keep the advertising for you paid service to the beginning and end. I need to go elsewhere to learn all that confused me… and to answer SO many questions!…

  14. Shaun Pollington

    Hey James, thanks heaps for the video. Great job. I’ll be checking it again as I build my new WordPress site. Cheers Shaunie P

  15. Bhakti House Band

    thank you! it’s great, though it would be really helpful to also have it broken down into separate module videos, as well (like part 1, part 2, etc)

  16. Hey! Thanks alot for your tutorial, really helped me out. I have however a little issue…. When adding the embed code to the same area you are using, only the embed code is displayed instead of the video. When I delete the code, I get the standard "video lookalike image". Any idea on how to fix this? ALready tried deleting and reinstalling the theme.

  17. Hey james,i put in the embeded video code but instead of showing the video,it’s just showing the code on the website.. i did everything exactly as you said

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