WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step: Newspaper Theme Tutorial 2017

WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Step by Step: Newspaper Theme Tutorial 2017

WordPress tutorial for beginners with this step by step WordPress tutorial in 2017. I also have Hostgator coupon codes you can use below.

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Newspaper Theme:

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In this WordPress Tutorial, you will learn how to create a website from scratch without any website skills.

We use Hostgator to store our website and Newspaper theme to create a professional website.

In this WordPress Tutorial, we go thru how to install WordPress on Hostgator, and how to install WordPress theme Newspaper from Themeforest.

We also learn how to set up the whole website with sidebar and footer with widgets.

We learn how to create a post in WordPress in minutes.

If you want to learn how to start a blog on WordPress this is the video for you. I’m using a simple and professional Newspaper theme 7 in this WordPress tutorial for beginners.

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