WordPress Tutorial – How to Wrap Text Around an Image

WordPress Tutorial – How to Wrap Text Around an Image

PLEASE NOTE: This Intermediate-level tutorial is for WordPress version 2.3 and earlier. To wrap text around an image in version 2.5 or later, see the new tutorials in the mcbuzzvideo collection called “WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Upload and Insert an Image” and “WordPress 2.5+ Tutorial – How to Wrap Text Around an Image”. The second technique in this tutorial works for any HTML page, whether you use WordPress or not. If you need more control over how an image is positioned relative to text wrapping around it, you can use this technique (even in WordPress version 2.5 or later).

This tutorial shows two ways to position an image on the left or right side in the body of a WordPress Post or Page, and how to wrap text around the image. The first way is quick and easy to do. The second way gives you more control over the image’s position and the padding or “air” around the image. It’s an Intermediate-level WordPress tutorial because the second of the two ways shows you how to insert a bit of HTML code using the WordPress Code editing window.

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