WordPress tutorial: Targeting different screen sizes |

WordPress tutorial: Targeting different screen sizes |

This WordPress tutorial highlights two questions to ask when designing a WordPress site: What screen sizes am I targeting? and What should the site look like on those screens?. Watch more at

This tutorial is just a single movie from the third chapter of the WordPress: Building Responsive Themes course presented by author Morten Rand-Hendriksen. The complete course is 3 hours long, and demonstrates design strategies, best practices, and actual code examples for creating a responsive web site with a flexible layout, efficient navigation, responsive video embedding, and content sliders

WordPress: Building Responsive Themes table of contents:
1. Why Mobile Matters
2. Starting with a Solid Theme
3. Design First Then Develop
4. Using Media Queries
5. Creating a Responsive Header
6. Creating a Responsive Menu
7. Creating a Responsive Main Area
8. Creating a Responsive Sidebar
9. Creating a Responsive Footer
10. Adding a Responsive Featured Content Slider
11. Making a Responsive Index Page That Dynamically Reorganizes with Masonry

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