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WordPress Popular Posts is a highly customizable sidebar widget that displays the most popular posts on your blog. You can use it as a template tag, too!


Due to critical security issues, from WordPress Popular Posts v.2.1.5 TimThumb support has been dropped. Please upgrade as soon as possible since your site may be under risk of being exploited.

From version 2.0 and on, WordPress Popular Posts requires at least WordPress 2.8 in order to function correctly. If you are not running WordPress 2.8 or can’t update your blog right now, please don’t upgrade to/install version 2.x!

Also, if you are upgrading from any version prior to 1.4.6, please update to 1.4.6 before moving to 2.x!

What’s new

Include a thumbnail of your posts! (see the FAQ section for technical requirements)
From version 2.0.3 and on, WordPress Popular Posts will include a Dashboard panel where you can monitor what are the most popular posts on your site directly from your wp-admin area!
WordPress Popular Posts is now multi-widget capable! Install multiple instances of WordPress Popular Posts on your sidebars, each with its own unique settings!
Shortcode support! – from version 2.0, you can showcase your most popular posts on pages, too!
Category exclusion – Want to exclude certain categories from the listing? Use the Exclude Category option!
Automatic maintenance – WordPress Popular Posts will wipe out from its cache automatically all those posts that have not been viewed more than 30 days from the current date, keeping the popular ones on the list! This ensures that your cache table will remain as compact as possible! (You can also clear it manually if you like, look here for instructions!).
Template tags – Don’t feel like using widgets? No problem! You can still embed your most popular entries on your theme using the wpp_get_mostpopular() template tag. Additionally, a new tag has been included on this release: wpp_gets_views(). For usage and instructions, please refer to the instalation section.

Other features

Use your own layout! Control how your most popular posts are shown on your theme.
WordPress Popular Posts can be localized! Languages included on this release: English (default), Italian and Spanish. Wanna know how to translate WordPress Popular Posts into your language? See the FAQ section for more!
Time Range – list your most popular posts within a specific time range (eg. today’s popular posts, this week’s popular posts, etc.)!
WP-PostRatings support added! Show your visitors how your readers are rating your posts!
Wanna show your readers a sneak peak of your most popular entries? WordPress Popular Posts can include excerpts, too!
List your posts either by comment count, views or average daily views. Sorted by comment count by default.
You can also list those pages of your blog (About, Services, Archives, etc.) that are getting a lot of attention from your readers. Enabled by default.

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